Questions you might have about
the Tisha B’Av event

What does my admission fee include?

EVERYTHING that CCHF has available online or live this Tisha B'Av.
Once your admission fee is paid, you'll be automatically redirected to the watch page.
If you want to access the event later, check out your confirmation email for the access code. You also get access to exclusive bonus content and the women's program online. See the program here.

Want to attend live?
Print out your ticket and use it to attend a live showing in your area.

What makes this program unique over other programs available?

We have no problem with you watching other programs too!
The CCHF event is famous for touching on the essence of what Tisha B'av is all about — ahavas Yisrael. It presents top speakers to inspire you with the topics that matter most on Tisha B'Av: bringing klal Yisrael together so we can finally have the Geulah.

What age is this program suitable for? Is it for children?

The program is for anyone over 14. We have a special children's program as well that is not available online— you can find out about it here.

How much does the program cost?

$20 per person over 14
$85 per family/household

Wouldn't it be more effective if it was free?

Here's the secret:
The Tisha B'Av Event is what helps CCHF create $3.4M-worth of free or low-cost programs over the year.
When you pay for your ticket, not only do you get inspiration for Tisha B'Av, but you also support 10 shmiras halashon programs for 65,000 students, 4 learning programs for hundreds of thousands of adults, and 4 hotlines with tens of thousands of callers each day — operated on an annual budget of $4.3M.
Now you know how some of it is funded. :)

Can I invite friends or family over to see it with me?

If you want to arrange an official home showing, reach out to us at tishabav@cchfglobal.org.

If you want to show it to your whole family, $85 covers the household.
Otherwise, each person needs to pay separately.

If I take the family rate and then have other people watching it who want to chip in for costs, how do they pay?

Go back to the purchase page and enter any additional guests who join.

I paid the family rate. Do I get the children's video?

No. The children's video is separate, and only available for home showings, purchased in advance as a DVD. It is not available online. Call us at 845-352-3505 in advance of Tisha B'Av to arrange a showing.

I live in a country other than the US. How do I purchase a ticket?

Just like everyone else! When you're on the payment page, click the option for currencies other than USD and CAD.

I can't find my access code.

Your access code is your email address. Just type it in!

I can't find my confirmation email!

Oh no! First check in your Promotions and Spam. Search for an email from Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. Once you paid, your access code is your email address, so you can just enter it.

My link isn't working

Chances are it's your filter. Contact your filter provider and ask them to open tishabav.global. Still not working? Reach out to our team to troubleshoot.

Is the children's video available online?

No. The children's video is only available for home showings. Call us at 845-352-3505 to arrange a showing.
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