If CCHF's goal is to help spread the Chofetz Chaim's message, wouldn't it be more effective not to charge for watching this event?
CCHF operates 12 months a year, spreading awareness of Shmiras Haloshon and Ahavas Yisrael to Klal Yisrael.
Our school divisions have more than 46,000 students using our curricula and programs, our Shmiras Haloshon Yomi programs reach more than 20,000 people daily, and our hotlines reach over 45,000 callers a day. (45 employees work year-long to make this happen.)
By your participation in this event, you are helping to fund these programs.
Go to the chofetzchaimheritagefoundation/about-us so that you can see our year-round activities.


When will the content be available?
Friday 7/16, 12:00PM EST.
What is the schedule of the content?
All the content will be available throughout the duration of Tisha B'Av .
Can you pause the program and come back?
Yes. (Just re-enter your access code when you return.)


What am I eligible to watch for $18?
Everything that is on the site.
The A program
The B program
The women's program
All bonus content
Is each person watching required to pay?
What is the cost?
The cost is $18 per person, starting from the age of 14.
There is a family rate of $72. (Family includes immediate family members living in the same household.)
If I take the family rate and then have other people watching it, how do they pay?
Go back to the purchase page and enter any additional guests who join.
Starting from what age does one pay for the program?
Age 14.
Does the family rate include the children's video and vice versa?
No. The children's video is only available for home showings. Contact us at 845-352-3505 to arrange a showing.
If I live in a foreign country how can I purchase a ticket?
On the purchase page click on the option- For currency options other than USD and CAD


NOTE: Your access code is your email address.
I cannot find my confirmation email with my access card?
Check in SPAM, Junk. Promotions, search your email for an email from Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. Be aware that once you pay, your access code is your email address.
My link isn't working. What should I do?
Contact your filter company via email and ask them to allow you to access the tishabav.global website.

Children's Video

Is it available online?
No, it is only available for home showings. Contact us at 845-352-3505 to arrange a showing.