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Imagine yourself looking forward to bentching

No need to imagine. Just get this bentcher:

The EasyFocus bentcher’s breakthrough format makes it almost impossible NOT to bentch with kavanah.


In memory of Chana Baila bas Rephael Nosson a"h & Eliezer Shmuel ben Tzvi z"l Abberbock,
and Esther Faigel bas Yehuda Leib a"h & Avrohom ben Yissacher Dov HaLevi z"l Birnbaum
Dedicated by Dr. & Mrs. Gary Abberbock

Yasher koach to the Barbados Jewish Community!
With love and respect, Dr. Gilda Oran and family

With this you can bentch like all the good in your life depends on it. (It does.)


"I have a tradition from my teachers, may Hashem protect them, that whoever is meticulous about Bircas Hamazon will have his livelihood available for him in a dignified manner all his life."



"A person who recites Bircas Hamazon from a text with intent and concentration spares himself many trials and tribulations."



"Rav Chanina said: How great is the power of Bircas Hamazon in that it increases blessing onto the actions of man."


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This Tisha B’Av, find out what respect has to do with you
(the answer might surprise you)

Watch 4 fantastic programs for the price of one ticket.
Because your spiritual growth is worth investing in.
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You look around and see
echoes of pain everywhere:

Your friend needs a shidduch.
Your neighbor needs a yeshuah.
Your sister is waiting for children.

You can do something real and transformative for them by joining an Hour of Caring.
hour of caring

What is an hour of caring?

It's a regular machsom l'fi, being careful with your speech and keeping one hour free of lashon hara,
but with daily video email reminders to keep you inspired and on track.

Every day at 12pm (exactly when your machsom starts), you’ll get:
A whatsapp or email reminder with the tefila + halacha
A quick video that will make you smile, and think
A shmiras halashon Q&A, to help you navigate your machsom hour more easily
“We started this group as a zechus for a shidduch for a family member.
I was convinced that I was doing something for them, but you can’t imagine how much more it did for me and my family.“


You know loving others and
spreading peace is the way to bring
the geulah faster but...

You're a normal person.

Normal people get annoyed with each other from time to time.
Normal people argue and bicker over the silliest things.
Normal people get insulted and hurt by unkind words.
shlaom challenge

The Shalom Challenge is a 3 week video program to help you

Keep Cool
Say The Right Thing
Be More Gentle & Loving
Turn Your Mood Around
Just Let Go.
Each video teaches you a simple technique that actually works.
It’s a tiny (and fun!) commitment, with a huge impact.
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