Sitting with hurt.
Rising with hope.

In the shadow of challenge,
how do I find strength?

Rising Stronger

This year's event focuses on the pain of Tisha B'av and the real life pain so many of us have. Listen to powerful answers from renowned Rabbonim and speakers on how to navigate life's difficult challenges.
  • Masterful speakers
  • Stirring visuals
  • Practical takeaways

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It’s Tisha B’Av. You’re sitting, willing your heart to open.

You feel sad

Answers to the questions that pain brings into your life

You’ve navigated pain

Moving stories from people who went through intense challenge?

You DO want Mashiach

But you thought that last year and how are we here again?

That’s why the Event is here
to help you immerse in the experience of Tisha B’av.

To wake up your heart with the feelings you want to feel.

To shift your thinking so even when you break your fast, you’re different.

Join Jews around the world at this year’s Tisha B’Av Event
An inspiring and authentic look at pain, challenge and galus

Feel the day

  • Why have a day of pain?
  • How to feel it, if or when I’m not
  • What’s the root cause of galus and how do we finally end it?

Understand the struggle

  • What’s the purpose of my personal pain?
  • What to do when I can’t handle anymore?
  • Where and how do I develop resilience & strength?

Help others heal

  • What’s my impact on those around me?
  • Is there a right way to support friends & family who are suffering?
  • How can I make sure I’m not adding to their burden?

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There’s too much pain.
This Tisha B’Av, feel the day.
And help it be our last Tisha B’av.

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