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Take the

                                                                           Chafetz Chaim
                                                                             With You!


                                                                              the new Student
                              new!                                            the new Student
                                                                           Size/Travel Edition
                                                                           Size/Travel Edition ize/Travel Edition
                                                                             of Junior Chafetz
                                                                             of Junior Chafetz

                                                                               Now you can benefit from  ow you can benefit from
                                                                              the most innovative, under-
                                                                              the most innovative, under-he most innovative, under
                                                                               standable and enjoyable
                                                                               standable and enjoyable
                                                                            edition of Sefer Chafetz Chaim
                                                                            edition of Sefer Chafetz Chaim dition of Sefer Chafetz Chaim
                                                                                - perfect for kids, adults
                                                                                - perfect for kids, adults
                                                                               and everyone in between!
                                                                               and everyone in between!

                 A A
                 Actual quotes from ctual quotes from ctual quotes from
              readers and educators:aders and educators:aders and educators:aders and educators:
              re re re
              readers and educators:

         "[Junior Chafetz Chaim] is so excellent and perfect I think this will be the last book written on hilchos lashon hora as any future attempt will fall short of
         all the qualities this book contains. Thank you very much!!" Y.B. age 41
         “The examples are the best part!” B.C. age 11  “[I] was amazed by what I saw! excellent resource...Highly recommended!” Rabbi Yaakov Bender
         “The book is perfect for Rebbeim...or just for a family to study the laws together. The laws are broken into bite-size pieces and are explained clearly
         and concisely. The examples, however, take the book to a whole different level. It allows the Rebbe or parent to bring the law under discussion down to
         earth. This way the child will not just learn the concepts in a more concrete way, but will be able to apply them in real life.” Rabbi Yoel Ferber

         “The clarity and layout enables all ages to gain from this valuable sefer.    “What a comprehensive and user-friendly sefer for our children, and
         There is something for everyone to learn on every page.” Rabbi Eli Shulman  even adults can gain from it!” Rabbi Ezriel Munk

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