Page 5 - CCHF Magazine 2021
P. 5

                                             םימי בהא

                                         ?בוט תוארל

                                           ךנושל רצנ


                                      As a leader in the healthcare industry, SpecialtyRx
                                         enhances the lives of many seniors every day.

                                     We are proud to support the Chofetz Chaim Heritage
                                  Foundation in bringing awareness to the promise of living a
                                    long, meaningful life. Thank you for your transformative
                                       efforts in saving souls and promoting eternal life.

                                                 ל“ז םחנמ קחצי ןב בקעי םייח ‘ר תומשנ יוליעל
                                                     ה“ע ןימינב ןתנוהי ‘ר תב ׳יתב תרמ
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