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We would like to
         extend our heartfelt                           e Vent sponsors
         appreciation to those
         who have sponsored
         this event and thereby            L’zecher nishmas
         helped to enlighten               our parents Isadore and Ruth Gibber a”h
         tens of thousands with                                           hmje ci trhv khc z"k
         the Torah’s ways of                                                 rjk c, sus cbhnhi g"v
         harmony and peace,
         planting the seeds of             Dedicated by
         the Geulah.                       Debbie and Elliot Gibber and Family

                                                                                                 kg"b rw hartk nbjo ci rw cbhnhi z"k
                                                                                      rjk ktv c, rw jhho mch g"v
                                                                                     arv mhrk c, nav vfvi g"v

                                                                                                             kg"b vrc vdtui rw jhho hartk cgkxeh zmue"k
                                                                                                            rta hahcv ,urv usg, ungnush vurtv csurbu

                                           Dedicated by
                                           Shlomo Yehuda & Tamar Rechnitz

                                           Sponsored by
                                           The Friedberg Charitable Foundation

                                                                                             kg"b vrc hgec hmje ci rw b,i z"k
                                                                                        unthr hmje thhzhe ci hgec z"k
                                                                                   utx,r rtag c, rptk g"v
                                                                                    ukzfu, krputv akhnv gcur
                                                                                  jbv phhdt c, bjnv hvush,

                                                                                                                  kg"b rw hgec nthr jhho ci tprho tkhgzr vfvi z"k

                                          Dedicated by
                                          the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Foundation

         14     Live Life Better – Tisha B’Av 5781
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